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Vega welcomes Heartstone squad! 11.02.2015 Автор // wndgrdnz

We are best known for our professional Starcraft 2 team with WCS EU Premier players. Now we are going to different direction and we are happy to announce opening of Heartstone squad and signing of 8 new talented international high level players who already have some high finishes in ESL Heartstone Tt eSPORTS Challenge Cups, as well in the Zotac EU and NA tournaments, and some of them are experienced magic players, aswell.

Vega Squadron HS roster:

Jeppe " cookie " Balsby - Team Captain
Ole " Rauffi " Hansen
David " davidjensen " Rytter
Johan " RandomSort " Abildskov
Alexander " Lim " Chorba
Adam " mexoff " Liška
Allan " allanbc " Christensen
Marko " Lunatic " Petnjak

HighArT , Vega's Head Manager:

"We are so excited to head into new direction and fresh game such as Heartstone. Scene and game itself are developing extremely good, and we couldn't resist not to sign up and coming squad. We are happy that we can support all of five players in their competition and developing as players and persons. Hope that they can with our help become top HS players in Europe!" 

cookie , team captain:

"I'm very happy to join the Hearthstone team of Vega Squadron. I believe we have assembled a very strong team that will have many victories and success in the future. Thanks to team management for opportunity and to our sponsors. Cheer for us!"

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