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RSTL Season 4 ends! 3rd place for Vega! 11.02.2015 Автор // wndgrdnz

Russian Starcraft 2 Team League (RSTL) Season 4 has ended few days ago. We didn't manage to repeat season 3 result and 2nd place, however we did came as 3rd convincingly beating Against All Authority (aAa) in 3rd place match with clean 5-0.

After coming to playoffs with 7-1 win/loose ratio from our group, it looked like we have clean way to the finals this season again, and that we can repeat last season success. By beating slovenian Team MiA with 4-1 in quarter finals, we had to face swedish powerhouse Team Property in semifinals. It had to be match of the season for us to beat them. In the end, their ace player prOp.Morrow had amazing day and turned score from 3-1 for Vega, to finals 3-4 for Team Property. Sad moments, but we must admit they did deserved it (MorroW).

We came in 3rd place match as big favourites, since we already won against aAa in group stages, we were pretty confident aswell. Everything went in our way, and LiveZerg manage to bring us 3rd place trophy by allkilling opponent team. Impressive way to close up the season and fight for trophy. 

3rd place match: Russian FederationVega 5-0 FranceaAa

Russian Federationimages/news-pics/20_1408901304.png LiveZerg > Franceimages/news-pics/20_1408901571.png BlitzTao
Russian Federationimages/news-pics/20_1408901304.pngLiveZerg > Franceimages/news-pics/20_1408901304.pngSpartfire
Russian Federationimages/news-pics/20_1408901304.pngLiveZerg > Franceimages/news-pics/20_1408901304.pngBsK
Russian Federationimages/news-pics/20_1408901304.pngLiveZerg > Franceimages/news-pics/20_1408901304.pngBsK (jocker)
Russian Federationimages/news-pics/20_1408901304.pngLiveZerg > Franceimages/news-pics/20_1408901612.png PsiOniC
1. RomaniaNewRoSoft 10500 RUB
2. SwedenTeam Property 4000 RUB
3. Russian FederationVega Squadron 2000 RUB