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Defeat vs ATGaming for 2nd place in SC2ITL! 11.02.2015 Автор // wndgrdnz
Second season of SC2 Improve Team League (SC2ITL) has come to an end. We could say it was succesfull as we finished season with 13 wins and 1 loss, that happened to be in finals on the league. Season 1 we finished at top 16 position, as we lost to Team MiA by 0-4. Second season we showed that we are one of the best up and coming teams in European scene by crushing competition, and beating strong EU teams as GermanyAlien Invasion, UkraineCascade or GermanyAlternate in group stage or teams like FranceaAa and GermanyESC in playoffs.

AT Gaming were not the favorites to win this season, but they came through everybody to crown themselves the champions with a stunning 4-0 victory over Vega - who had been undefeated through the entire season. The all-killer? NetherlandsOptimus - a Dutch Terran player who showed us multiple solid TvZ games and ended it with what he made look like an easy victory in a TvP. He took down SwedenhOpe, PolandDaNa, Russian FederationLiveZerg and Russian FederationCooltea to secure the victory for AT Gaming.
SC2ITL S2 FINALS: Russian FederationVega 0-4 NetherlandsAT Gaming

Swedenimages/news-pics/20_1408901304.png hOpe < Netherlandsimages/news-pics/20_1408901571.png Optimus
Polandimages/news-pics/20_1408901304.pngDaNa < Netherlandsimages/news-pics/20_1408901571.png Optimus
Russian Federationimages/news-pics/20_1408901304.pngLiveZerg < Netherlandsimages/news-pics/20_1408901571.png Optimus
Russian Federationimages/news-pics/20_1408901612.pngCooltea < Netherlandsimages/news-pics/20_1408901571.png Optimus

1. NetherlandsAT Gaming 175 € + hardware
2. Russian FederationVega Squadron 75 € + hardware

If you missed the series make sure to check out the VOD: SC2ITL S2 Finals: Vega vs AT