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Состав Vega Squadron на весенний сплит LCL-2022

Новый тренер и новый ростер.





Состав Vega Squadron на весенний сплит LCL-2022

Новый тренер и новый ростер.





Замена в составе Vega Squadron по League of Legends

Новый саппорт коллектива.




Состав Vega Squadron на летний сплит LCL-2021

Старые друзья и новые знакомые.




Defeat vs ATGaming for 2nd place in SC2ITL! 11.02.2015 Автор // wndgrdnz

Second season of SC2 Improve Team League (SC2ITL) has come to an end. We could say it was succesfull as we finished season with 13 wins and 1 loss, that happened to be in finals on the league. Season 1 we finished at top 16 position, as we lost to Team MiA by 0-4.

RSTL Season 4 ends! 3rd place for Vega! 11.02.2015 Автор // wndgrdnz

Russian Starcraft 2 Team League (RSTL) Season 4 has ended few days ago. We didn't manage to repeat season 3 result and 2nd place, however we did came as 3rd convincingly beating Against All Authority (aAa) in 3rd place match with clean 5-0.

Vega welcomes Heartstone squad! 11.02.2015 Автор // wndgrdnz

We are best known for our professional Starcraft 2 team with WCS EU Premier players. Now we are going to different direction and we are happy to announce opening of Heartstone squad and signing of 8 new talented international high level players who already have some high finishes in ESL Heartstone Tt eSPORTS Challenge Cups, as well in the Zotac EU and NA tournaments, and some of them are experienced magic players, aswell.

Welcome to the vega-squadron.com! 11.02.2015 Автор // wndgrdnz

Finally after long time, long hour project, we are here, with fully operating e-sport website, and we are lunching this website today, which will be main quarters of Vega Squadron organization from now on. Thanks for your patience as we had some downtime giving the website functional and fully operational facelift!